Changing the culture of health by connecting empathy and evidence

Our Approach

Our goal at Civic Health Partners is to accelerate culture change in healthcare by helping organizations to explore the intersections of health, technology, education, policy, and communications and discover solutions that integrate empathy and evidence.

We believe that citizens are healthier and health systems are more successful when people are placed at the center of healthcare design and trust is recognized as a vital element of high value care.

We see countless opportunities to translate evidence into outcomes, translate ideas into action, and achieve positive change for health -- but culture is a barrier, particularly in settings where insights from real people have often been left out.

Our partners and clients range from tech company innovators, professional medical associations, and healthcare system leaders to employers, payers, and government agencies. What they share is a curiosity for how to improve, a desire to have true impact, and a willingness to bring back humanity to healthcare.

At Civic Health Partners, we work with leaders to solve problems by reflecting on culture and discovering breakthrough culture change strategies. Our work complements other types of strategic analysis and business planning but we don't think that dollars, data, rules, and regulations alone are enough to drive change.

What we do

  • Help a tech start-up make sense of system challenges and consumer needs and discover opportunities to build solutions that make a difference.
  • Facilitate a process for a professional medical association to co-create new resources that support physician-patient communication.
  • Sit down with a hospital CEO to identify opportunities for including patients and families in strategic decision-making that results in better outcomes.
  • Collaborate with an employee engagement officer to design a health communications strategy that encourages smarter healthcare choices.
  • Coach a scientific researcher to communicate data and evidence to the public and make it compelling, understandable, and actionable.
  • Join forces with a philanthropic foundation to shape a fresh and inclusive agenda for a health symposium.
  • Provide learning experiences for students of health communication and public health to help them put their skills to use in the real world.
  • Advocate for more real people's voices in forums where they are lacking -- and speak up when consumer needs and values are not being heard.

Tara Montgomery, Founder/Principal


Tara has spent over two decades working with academic, cultural, scientific, and nonprofit institutions in the US and UK leading strategic initiatives to advance the wellbeing of consumers and promote corporate social responsibility.

Tara is passionate about ideas and optimistic about the power of collaboration to solve the world's most challenging problems. She strives to connect the dots between healthy people and healthy democracies.

For the past 14 years, she has been a consumer advocate, convening and partnering with diverse stakeholders across health, media, and consumer organizations to implement transformational policy agendas, communications strategies, and marketplace change.

Her expertise centers around translating abstract ideas into high-profile, high-impact campaigns and business activities and championing innovation within established institutions, most recently at the nonprofit Consumer Reports.

There, she oversaw health strategy and created the consumer campaign for the influential Choosing Wisely initiative.

Tara is a regular speaker and participant in national healthcare, media, and consumer forums on topics including health consumer needs, consumer and employee engagement, health-care quality and transparency, health IT, and health communications. She is also an Adjunct Lecturer in Health Communications at Tufts University Medical School. 

Tara was educated at Kings College London and the London School of Economics and has done graduate work in the US at the New School. Her degree in French and love of translation have served her well in healthcare, a field with a language and culture that can often be intimidating and confusing.

A note on our commitment to purpose:

For us, a culture of health is linked to a commitment to positive social and environmental impact. Our priority is to help people (especially the most vulnerable) thrive physically and emotionally, recognizing that a safe and sustainable environment is supportive of that. So we are working of the process of becoming a certified B Corp. We'll share more when we get there.